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BOND series

There are various types of relationships, and every single one of them is very interesting: a couple dating on and off, a family helping each other, a friend who contacts you once in five years, etcetera. There is no right or wrong. Even if someone finds it weird, it is fine if you build your relationships in your way.



A hexagon and two squares attached by a hinge form this ear cuff. Feel free to wear them either open or closed. Although the two shapes are very different, they help each other: the double square embraces the hexagon gently when it is closed, and the hexagon pulls up the squares when it is open.


SKU: 2219
  • Recycled silver 925 / 23.7 ct gold-plated silver 925


    L: 2.1(3.4)cm x W: 2.1cm x D: 1cm


    Sold as a piece, not a pair


    Barrel-polished finish

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